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How To Maximize Conversion Rates?

Aditya Bhavsar

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Business is all about conversion. If you can find the best strategy to optimize conversion rates, there is no measure how rapidly you can grow your business. Conversion rate optimization is the core of any business. Most businesses think of CRO as something which is very complex to understand and hard to deploy. They feel about CRO strategies as I would feel about this sentence:


“Central banks in developing countries are tightening policy and intervening in currency markets in response to concerns about the potential effect of currency depreciation on inflation, though gross issuance of nonfinancial corporate bonds and commercial paper have slowed and interest volatility has substantially diminished, possibly suggesting that reaching-for-yield behavior might be increasing again.”


However, the fact of the matter is, Conversion Rate Optimization is nothing but, finding out why visitors aren’t converting and Fixing it. That’s it.

It sounds obvious, but a lot of people forget it — and they leave a ton of money on the table as a result.

Here are four effective strategies that will help you optimize your conversion rates:


#1: Get Clear on Your Goals:

The most common mistakes that people incur is they put too many CTAs on a landing page. Ideally, your landing page should not have more than 3 CTAs. Fewer the CTAs more you would convert. 1 ideal conversion is best.

If you look at a high converting landing page, you wouldn’t find more than 3 CTAs. You should remove anything that distracts user from your main call to action. You will get only 1-click at the best. No matter how catchy and compelling your landing page looks, you can expect only one click at the very best. And if you waste that click on checking out your Facebook page or that latest Instagram post, instead of buying your product – you have lost a sale!

You must dominate all the other distracting links and focus on what really matters. What do you want your customers to do? Do you want them to buy a book or sign up for that trending new course, or schedule a free trial etc. Whatever your goal might be, make sure every element of your landing page works towards that goal.


#2: Videos Are Better Than Text & Images:

Today, videos are the best ways of reaching out to multitude. Nowadays, no one likes to read text or understand things from images. People want interactive videos to connect with your brand.

“⅓ of all online activities is watching videos. Ads in video format increase purchase intent by 97% & brand association by 139%.”

According to a study about web use, the average attention span is 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. Technology is affecting us so much that we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. This means, you only have 8 seconds to capture your user’s attention and if your user isn’t compelled in the meantime, all your marketing expenses and efforts are worthless.

To capture your user the moment they are on your page is very crucial. It is important that you have a robust host to load your site faster (so that you don’t waste those 8 golden seconds in loading your website). Not only that, your videos should be precise and up to the point telling an engaging story.

This way you can definitely maximize conversion rates thereby minimizing the bounce rates from your landing page.


#3: Leverage FOMO Phenomena:

FOMO, stands for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. Today, FOMO is very popular in online marketing. Fear of missing out is responsible for numerous decisions that we make on daily basis. Guess what makes us check our Facebook frequently? FOMO! Likewise, the fear of missing out an career opportunity, an important business deal, are but a few real-life examples of FOMO.

However, it is not only limited to Facebook or an important business deal. It can also be leveraged to maximize conversions from your landing pages. For instance, you can make your offer exclusive for limited period of time, or by persuading them to buy your idea before the deal times out.

Recently, Amazon celebrated Amazon Prime Day by offering discounts on millions of products – for limited period of time. Guess how much they sold in just 36 hours? You might be surprised with figures. Amazon sold more than 100 million products in the due time.

You too can maximize conversion rates by leveraging the old FOMO strategy. Either make your offer exclusive for limited period of time, or offer some free goodies for limited period!

Final words, understanding your user’s behaviour is crucial for optimizing conversion rates. Once you understand how your user interacts with your business, you can make changes that enhances the overall user experience along with maximizing the conversion rates. Above mentioned were few strategies that will definitely help you in maximizing CRO. More Conversions = More Business!

Finding an ideal company who can help you build landing pages that drives growth is quite tricky because it needs craftsmanship and expertise beyond par. Understanding the problem various businesses were facing, we established ourselves in 2003 to help businesses emerge as giants in their industry. We believe in delivering robust solutions that inspires action. If you are seeking to design extraordinary landing pages that drive growth, we would be more than happy to see you grow and dominate your industry.


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